Exosome Therapy can help aid your naturally slowing ability to regenerate from sun damage, inflammation and oxidative stress.

Exosomes for Healthy Skin

Exosome Therapy for Hair Health

Exosomes for Healthy Skin

Skin ages for many reasons, one being the slowing down of your natural regenerative processes. When you’re young, your skin has little trouble recovering from sun damage, oxidative stress and inflammation. But as the years go by, aging cells have difficulty maintaining your skin’s integrity.

This is why, to address skin aging effectively, we must also address the skin’s regenerative capacity. One way we can do that is with something called exosome therapy.

Applied topically or injected into the skin, exosomes trigger regenerative processes that have been compromised by years of sun exposure, environmental toxins, illness and other injuries. With exosomes, you can effectively turn back the clock on aging from within.

Exosomes are classified as cell vesicles. They are tiny bubbles released from cells that help cells communicate by transporting their proteins, peptides, growth factors and RNA. While all cells release exosomes, exosomes derived from stem cells have been recognized in regenerative medicine for their remarkable ability to promote tissue healing.

In aesthetic medicine, these same exosomes are now a valuable tool for skin rejuvenation. They contain three times the growth factors found in stem cells, and are 30-100 times more potent than Autologous Growth Factors, making them more effective in promoting skin healing than other similar therapies.

Exosome therapy can address a range of common skin concerns, including but not limited to the following: fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, pigmentation, acne and acne scarring, enlarged pores, dull skin, texture changes, and scars. 

Exosomes for skin rejuvenation can be used topically following skin rejuvenation and resurfacing procedures such as Morpheus8 and Fractora, or injected directly into the skin in areas of desired rejuvenation, most commonly, full face, under eye, perioral (around the mouth), and hands. 

  • Price: Topical: $350+
  • Price: Injections: $550+

*For the above treatments, individual results may vary. Optimal results seen when combined with a complete, comprehensive skin care program. Multiple sessions may be part of a treatment plan.

Exosomes FAQ

Exosome Therapy for Hair Health

Exosome Therapy for Hair Health

Exosome Therapy for Hair Health

As we age, our hair does as well, and a telltale sign of aging is hair loss and thinning. Your hair plays an important role in your appearance and self confidence. Hair loss and thinning can lead to frustration, loss of confidence and embarrassment. At R+H Aesthetic Medicine, our team of caring providers understand the many ways hair loss and thinning hair can impact your life. Using exosome therapy we can now address hair loss on the cellular level.

Exosomes are tiny messenger “vesicles” produced by stem cells that carry growth factors and other materials that trigger regeneration in the targeted treatment areas. When injected into the scalp, these exosomes signal your hair follicles to regenerate and grow hair. Clinical studies have shown that not only does exosomal therapy trigger new hair growth, but it can also help to create thicker hair, thus addressing hair loss and thinning hair.

Exosome Hair Regeneration therapy can be used for hair loss and thinning in both men and women, and can help with COVID related hair loss. A series of 4 treatments performed 4 weeks apart, followed by 1 treatment every 3-4 months for maintenance is recommended for optimal results.

  • Exosome Hair Restoration: $1,000 (1 treatment)
  • Exosome Hair Restoration: $3,600 (4 treatments)

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